Thenicia King

Nurse & Gym Junkie


I am your typical average person living in a small town with only one gym. I grew up in Worcester and the best gift my father could give me was to raise me in the gym. From a very young age I went to the gym every day looking at everyone working hard . For me, and I'm sure a whole lot of others, it's a lifestyle that I will keep doing till I am physically not capable anymore.

Just like many out there I WANT the perfect body, yet I LOVE food. All kinds of food! Well, ever since I started using supplements, particularly PSNLifestyle products, I had a major leap forward. I can enjoy life with a cheat here and there, and still look and feel good without being unhealthy or losing all that I work hard for in the gym.


My passion in life is to encourage those that are working hard and doing the best that they can, but often feel they are just not getting anywhere. The "average Jane" in gym, just trying to feel better about herself, not necessary wanting to be a fit model, but just feel their best. I find joy in encouraging them and giving them the tools to achieve their goals. I also take pride in my work, being a nurse, helping people in their darkest hour, when life is uncertain, I want to be next to them with a smile, helping them through it.


My greatest moment in life was receiving a distinction for my year finishing nursing. I love my career!


I am speaking to the guys and girls out there who works hard in the gym, yet still likes to let loose in the kitchen. PSNLifestyle caters for competitive athletes and also the "average person" like me who loves the gym life yet also loves food, drinks and cheating on the diet now and then. Take it from a normal gym junkie. It's good to re-fuel, to take supplements to help your body be healthy, to get in all nutrition necessary and to aid your body after and before a GREAT workout and PSNLifestyle will give you that boost you need and the results you want while working hard on bettering yourself. I fully trust this brand and am PROUD to be associated with them. Not one negative feedback from my clients this far. P.S. Take note, if you have ONE nougat BAR you my friend will know what addiction stands for soon.

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